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No Love Lost
Perfect condition. I decided I don't want a fisheye. I really just wanted a wide angle. So I am also willing to trade this lens for a Sigma Zoom Super Wide Angle 18-50mm f/2.8 EX DC Macro Autofocus Lens.

This lens retails on B + H for $499 after a rebate, $550 before. So you'd be saving some monies. I have the original case and I think even the box for it!

No Love Lost
29 December 2008 @ 08:46 pm

I'm broke. So I am getting things together to sell. So I went to grab my lense from my photo drawers when I saw the case for it and 50 bucks! Lense is gone. It turned out to be in my camera case. Point is, I stashed this money a while ago and forgot about it! Yay money!

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No Love Lost
28 December 2008 @ 10:38 pm
i'm going to go ahead and plan on the chargers winning.

wildcard weekend

1. chargers v. colts - this could be a tough game. i think the chargers are superior and that peyton manning isn't that great of a quarterback. maybe he was a good one before, but this season he has been mediocre. the whole colts team is a bit mediocre. buuuut, they are known for their comebacks. projected winner: san diego chargers

2. dolphins v. ravens - much props to the dolphins for a good comeback season. they've really influenced the league with their innovative wildcat formations. pennington isn't bad. but, i don't think they're tight enough of a team. i would be very afraid of them next year though. projected winner: baltimore ravens

3. falcons v. cardinals - kurt warner flopped the last few games but finally picked it back up this past game. they have quite a few good players on the team like larry fitzgerald. but the falcons have matt ryan and michael turner. this will be a good game to watch i think. i'm still iffy on the cardinals because of a few of the last games. will warner choke again? projected winner: atlanta falcons

4. vikings v. eagles - let's first talk about the amazing upsets they just laid out. cowboys looked like a high school team against the eagles! the eagles has a pretty damn good defense that is a bit underrated. they struggled for a bit here and there, but i think they've got the heart and they're fired up now. the vikings on the other hand have some injuries and mediocre qbs. but they do have adrian petersen. but the eagles have westbrook and mcnabb. i think it's gonna be a massacre. projected winner: philadelphia eagles

divisional championship

so this is of course based on my previous predictions and if should it turn out differently, i will adjust appropiately.

1. chargers v. titans - or maybe i should just say, chargers v. chris johnson. he really carries the titans. their quarterback is for shit. look at his stats. they just run the ball. they had a pretty easy schedule and i really don't think they even belong in the playoffs. projected winner: san diego chargers

2. ravens v. steelers - i respect the steelers. they're a tough team. but it's another example of the defense carrying the whole team. sure they have some good offensive players. but now their qb got hurt. sure, he'll be fine. especially since he has a bye next week. projected winner: baltimore ravens

3. giants v. falcons - i hate the mannings. i mean i don't hate them. they're decent players. but they're not THAT good. you get some endorsements, do a lot of commercials and suddenly you're #1 and everyone votes you into the pro bowl. bah! brandon jacobs is out so far. he's been alright. sometimes awesome. plaxico burress being gone isn't even what bothers me because they played so many games without him, it is as if he was just a figment of their imagination. but they do have kevin boss, probably brandon jacobs and armani toomer. (it's not a tumor! - sorry, i can't help it.) they can be a strong team. or they can fall apart. this is probably my hardest prediction and i will probably be wrong. projected winner: atlanta falcons

4. panthers v. eagles - pardon my personification of the mascots; but if the eagles hurt a wing, the panthers will devour them. this might be one of my favorite match ups. steve smith and deangelo williams on one team. that's just the icing of that delicious cake. but delhomme. urgh. he's basically another kerry collins and sometimes worse! projected winner: carolina panthers

conference championship

1. chargers v. ravens - this will be a big mess of a big scoring game. it won't be boring. projected winner: san diego chargers

2. panthers v. falcons - should be an interesting match up. carolina lost pretty bad to the falcons before. projected winner: carolina panthers


1. chargers v. panthers - neither team has ever won the superbowl. and as an added interesting superbowl tidbit...i was looking at the superbowl history, the superbowl is relatively new. and once it was held at rice stadium in 1974. anyhow, i might seem a little biased here. projected winner: san diego chargers.

so there you have it. i reserve the right to be really wrong on the far future forcasts but i definitely stand by the wildcard match up.
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No Love Lost
21 December 2008 @ 09:35 pm
the animated ones. is it just me or does it sound like different voices?
No Love Lost
18 December 2008 @ 01:53 am
grading journals
writing one of four papers for a class i am getting an incomplete in
cleaning the bathroom - like i scrubbed the floor!
put dishes up (i NEVER do that i am so bad)

what i am doing tomorrow:

lunch with professor and give journals
get my BC
print mix cd cover art and mail it
throw away a rug
clean old litter boxes so i can store them just in case
work on mix swap website
clean rest of my apt? lol
No Love Lost
17 December 2008 @ 09:38 pm
i have a sigma 15mm 2.8 EX DG fisheye lense in perfect condition. barely used. (retails for over $500 new) i decided i want just a wide angle. will sell for $400 or trade for sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 EX DC Macro

i also have a tivo series 2 40 hour. i have a serial cable that i had to pay extra for that changes the channels better. $50
No Love Lost
17 December 2008 @ 09:14 pm
i thought i posted this but i guess not.

a hobby of mine is to look at houses for sale that i can never afford. particularly in san francisco. places for sale there are always pretty unique.

then i came across this posting: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/reb/953173201.html

i find it amazing how the house can look so small on the outside yet be so huge. but that isn't my point. i come across this image:

my jaw dropped. many years ago i had this dream of walking around a house. i don't remember much of it but i specifically remembered the kitchen and those stairs. that's a pretty unique kitchen. that fucking kitchen was in my dream. how the hell does that happen???? i wish i could buy it.
No Love Lost
17 December 2008 @ 08:46 pm
morrissey (sorry forgot to add that!)

04-10 Dallas, TX - Palladium Ballroom
04-11 Houston, TX - Jesse H Jones Hall
04-12 Austin, TX - Bass Concert Hall

dunno when tickets go on sale.
No Love Lost
17 December 2008 @ 12:31 am
the community that i belonged to that posted everyday the comics i mostly enjoyed was deleted!!!!!!!!!!!

and for some reason i am blanking on what they were. i mean i know xkcd was one. and natilee dee which i hated. oh right little gamers. dilbert? get fuzzy? fuck. it was so convenient to read it all in one post!!!! WHY OH WHY HAS THIS BEEN DONE?!!?

in other news, juno is wearing a sweater. i have decided she looks more like a boy with this sweater.

The things I do to my cats
A full view

but i do think it brings out the color in her eyes.

so i went to my mom's today. she is fixing up my old room and had me look through some stuff and decide what to keep, etc. there were a lot of old school folders and what nots. and then there was a note that said something like "i just wanted to tell you that you looked very nice today. it brings out the best in you. - mrs. price" or something like that. i am willing to bet it was some stupid day that i wore a dress. 'let's compliment her in the dress so she doesn't become a dyke!'

anyway, i have a lot of things i will be scanning from this treasure hunt of my old room.
No Love Lost
so i made it to the playoffs in both leagues. but the one league where i was ahead of everyone by a lot, the one in which i actually deserved to be there...i lost the game. who knew the other dude was gonna score 135 points!! at least i broke the 100 point mark thanks to the eagles' awesome defensive team last night! so now my next game is to battle it out for 3rd place. believe that shit? i was 12-2 and i lose to the guy who was 8-5-1 and now i have to play the guy who was 11-3 for 3rd place.

and in the playoffs of the other league, the one in which i really didn't deserve to get....i won. by like 3 points. so now i am playing the championship game. life is funny i guess.

oh and in womanly news, i am on my period. yes it is the correct time for me to be on it. yet 14 days ago i was on it then too! I FUCKING LOVE BEING A WOMAN!! SERIOUSLY!! TAKE THESE FUCKING OVARIES OUT OF ME!!!

now i go to the north side to see me mum.

oh wait one more thing. i am sick of kitty litter being everywhere. it's really freaking annoying! so i figure most of it is getting out over the top. so i bought this:

i took the lid off and my litter box wouldn't fit into it (too narrow) so i just poured the litter straight in there. about 1" of it, i need to put more, should have at least 2-3". we'll see how that goes first. my next step will be to take velcro and put about a 3" wide strip all around the top on the inside. maybe they will scratch it before they get out and it will shake off more litter. theeeen, i might cut a hole in the lid and use it or find another means of a top, something like a honeycomb. that also helps to get the litter released from their paws. but whatever. just keep the litter off the fucking ground!